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Since we have had to move locations there will be no classes in February. We are finalizing the lease for a new location in Carrollwood after which we will be offering all of the usual services and more! We will have the new Spring 2014 schedule loaded in a few weeks so that reservations can be made well in advance. Will the high demand for our classes we will have a limit of 50 subscriptions available for sale so prepare yourself now. You will still be able to purchase packages of classes as before. We will also have lots of retail items available for purchase in studio. Visit the website or our facebook page for updates concerning the new location.

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Why are we here?

Here at Surf Fit, it is our mission to cater to all fitness levels.  We know that building a strong CORE is the foundation to proper fitness.  Whether you're sedentary or an elite athlete, a strong core gives you the power to work harder, gives you postural support, stability and abdominal strength.  We want to give you the tools that will help you reach your desired level of fitness and perhaps go even beyond what you've ever expected.   The minute we walk into the studio, all egos are left outside.  We don't want you to compare yourself to anyone else, you are here for YOU and WE are here for YOU too!


"That was harder than going to the gym!" - Shawn C.

"I enjoy trying new ways to work out and this is by far my favorite and feels like I'm getting the best results. " - Kelly K.

"This is one of the most intense and fun workouts I've done. Period!" - Gabrielle F.

"Greatly enjoyed my workout!!" - Groupon Customer

"Surf Fit is AWESOME! Pam is an awesome instructor and wonderful to interact with as a business owner. I have recommended this place to many of my friends!" - Groupon Customer

"Good workout, very nice trainer" - Groupon Customer

"Pam is wonderful, great workout and good for most anybody." - Groupon Customer

"Awesome workout! Awesome owners!" - Groupon Customer

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